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Imagine your property inventory spreadsheet, where property values exceed $2.5M, is now confidentially interactive with your own CRE Market made up of only your top tier professional peers comprising the majority of the professional CRE buyers. Qualified supply is not just limited to the 1000 approved REITs and Funds.

This live interactive spreadsheet shows you all Interested buyers (IB) whose search criteria align with your detailed property field criteria, in order of number of best aligned to least. You can click on the Buyer and see a detailed buyer snapshot (still confidential). Current and never before available forecast supply and demand metrics can also be seen by quarter, allowing you to adeptly amend your A&D plans and maximize profits.



Buyers can see how they rank in criteria alignment and may adjust their cap rate to be more attractive if they wish. As the seller you can see the quality of alignment as well as how the buyers have performed historically in percentage of engagements vs. closed transactions, communication, sense of urgency… this can reduce months to minutes and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing costs on each property transacted through MarketMaker CRE.

In MMCRE you can literally go ON and OFF the market in seconds, alerting optimal transaction partners who are looking for you. Confidentiality no longer impedes exposure All client and property criteria are encrypted so potential transaction partners are aligned by the highest likelihood to transact by matching the key decision data points first, and then identities are revealed under mutual agreement within our Patented Engagement Solution.


As a buyer you enter your specific and granular acquisition criteria into your annual acquisition plan, or you can just search for a specific property from the pool of• publicly for sale properties• confidentially available but not for sale, or • confidentially for sale properties You can watch properties or save various searches and let your ALERTS ping you when one of your peers has just publicly or confidentially put up for sale what you are looking for. You can set the alert for only high percentage matches if you wish. If there is no available supply forecast for two quarters, your MMCRE customer service friend can help search for ideally aligned OFF MARKET Inventory and contact the seller on your behalf. Like everything else in MMCRE, your identities are hidden so your single or portfolio searches remain private.


Buyer and Sellers can Request for Engagement (RFE) each other. Engagement is a patented new form of pre-contract; imagine the freedom of a Letter of Intent, with the exclusivity and urgency of a contract, but without the litigious elements or risky 1031 Exchange time triggers! Simultaneous Engagements are limited to (1) per client initially, (4) with basic subscription fee with fee staging up to (20) are possible. A client can Engage as many properties as they want, only simultaneous Engagements are restricted. Once Engaged Buyer and Seller are invisible to the market, so identities nor strategic intentions can be easily derived. If you are out of Engagements you cannot engage or be engaged until you close or disengage, so proper attention to Engagement is in order.

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