Jeff Smith

Original Founder

Jeff Smith is the Founder of MMCRE. He is actively involved in all facets of MMCRE, including development of patents, business and investment strategies, and overseeing all operational management.

Smith, a licensed pilot at age 17, began his career in the aviation industry, where he became a talented turnaround expert working for and consulting with major distribution and manufacturing firms.

Prior to forming MMCRE, Jeff Smith was a successful commercial real estate broker for 14 years. Mr. Smith became a leader and innovator in the commercial real estate industry using many of the same principles that proved to be invaluable to him in the aviation industry. After observing and identifying the inefficiencies within the commercial real estate industry, Smith created MMCRE to make a more efficient and profitable marketplace. Mr. Smith’s technology vision and expertise are guiding the creation of a truly revolutionary commercial real estate transaction and brokerage model.